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Keep ups with the latest developments on the lives of our classmates.  Just send me a message through the Contact Us page and I will see to it that it gets posted.  Thanks!
News from Gary Wolfe:
Montana’s new governor just appointed me to a 4-year term on the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission http://fwp.mt.gov/doingBusiness/insideFwp/commission/.  The FWP Commission is a quasi-judicial, volunteer citizen board that sets fish and wildlife regulations, approves property acquisitions, and approves certain rules and activities of the Department as provided by statute. 
I’m sure it will be challenging at times given all the contentious issues surrounding the management of our fish and wildlife resources—but I’m looking forward to serving the wildlife resources and people of Montana in this new capacity.  I’m keeping my day job at Vital Ground, so expect I will be keeping very busy for a few more years. 
Congrats, Gary!
The class of 1968 is having their 45th Reunion September 20 - 22, 2013.  Friday night will be a Shindig, lots of entertainment.    Saturday will be a dinner/dance at the 4 Hills Country Club.  You can get all the details at www.delnorteclassof 68.com  Payment can be made online. 

Johnnie and George Brown, newlyweds sure look happy!

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Trujillo
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Trujillo

More wedding bells!  Our congratulations to Marty Trujillo and his bride, Denise Phillips!  They were married on 1-4-14, in Dallas.  Denise is a teacher.  Marty continues on a semi-retired basis in his medical practice.  The ceremony was performed by Marty's best friend, Pete Gonzales in his home.  They will be at home in Springer, NM.  More photos of the wedding appear in the 2014 What's Happening Photo Album page. 

Billy Knight and Lynn Grundy, Wedding Day January 24th, 1970
Billy Knight and Lynn Grundy, Wedding Day January 24th, 1970


Happy New Year from Billy and Lynn Knight...Lynn and I have been remembering the "good old days" of our youth and thought you all might enjoy hearing some of the details.  Who better to share this with other than our fellow classmates who were and continue to be so important to us.
Our 44th wedding Anniversary is January 24th of this year.  Hard to believe that it has been so long since we exhanged vows.  We met in a class in the fall of 1966 -- seniors and all that.  We married 3 1/2 years later so technically our relationship dates back a full 47 years.  And we still love each other!  Check out the photo of our wedding day with our good friends, GM (Jim) Parker (class of '68) and Jackie Stump (class of '67).  A Supreme Court Justice, Lafel E. Oman, a friend of my mother's, conducted the ceremony in Santa Fe.  Really, we were just kids and had a grand total of $237 to our names, mostly the result of gifts from good friends who wished us well.  We were both students at UNM, and during those years, as many of you will probably remember, unless you had a deferment of some kind, you were drafted.  I had a deferment, but in my naivety, thought it would be best to drop out of school and get a job in order to better suport us.  Goodbye deferment and I was off to Fort Ord for basic training a month later in late February.  But that is another story...
We now live in Taos where I was born and raised until my family moved to Albuquerque in the summer of 1965.  As a result, I only attended Del Norte my junior and senior years.  We moved back to Taos in 1993, although I had to bring Lynn kicking and screaming!  I started my own financial planning business after being in the industry since 1979.  My firm is Knight Financial Limited.  I get to be a big fish in a small pond vs. the other way around had we remained in Albuquerque.  You can always Google me at billyknighttaos.  Isn't tecnology wonderful?

We weren't able to make the 45th reunion, but are planning on attending the 50th.  We can truthfully say that "Life is Good" and hope that this update finds you all in the same situation!



2014 marks the 50th Anniversary of Del Norte High School!  A hard-working committee of dedicated alums has been organizing some special events.  You will want to know about these and can go to their website:  www.alumknights.info to see what is planned.  Also, Memorial Bricks are being offered for sale now.  You can honor a classmate, friend, teacher, parent, etc with one of these special bricks.  They will be going in the new entry walkway from the Montgomery visitor parking lot.  They can be purchased for either $50 or $100.  All the proceeds are going to the scholarship fund and the committee hopes to be able to give a total of five $1000 scholarships later this spring.  Please go to the above website for all the details on how you can participate.  

This news from Bob Derryberry....Our daughter (yes ,daughter)Kelly, will be getting married June 13th to a former US Marine.  She graduated with him from Lipscomb University last year. They will reside in Philadelphia for the next 4 years as he earns his degree from Westminster University in Seminary.  We add - congrats Bob and family!