Del Norte High School was privileged to have some of the best teachers in the APS system.  This page hopes to provide some looks back and also some insight into the present in the lives of our teachers.  If you have information you would like to share, please use the "Contact Us" page to transmit it.  

Diane Dreibelbis shared the following letters from two of our teachers back in 1967, Virginia Cravens and Ron Oest.  Read on....

Thank you for your thoughtful invitation to your Reunion.  I would love to be there with you, but I will be at Oxford University, and will drink a toast to the Class of '67 from England.

I remember the '67 class for your high spirits and sense of humor!  I hope you remember the U.S. Constitution on the long white sheets, the Great Books discussions and your original historical plays.  You were an outstanding class, and a lot of fun!

Now I collect Universities - UCLA, Cambridge and the University of London in England, and another M.A., in Philosophy from UNM.  I travel back and forth to Europe - twelve times since I last saw you.  It's a great life! 

Sincerely your friend,
Virginia Cravens


Hello again and thanks for sending me the schedule of events.  Unfortunately, due to prior engagements, my wife and I will only be able to attend the Sunday, June 28th, Family Picnic. 

For the Memory Book:

Worst memory:  Without a doubt my worst memory is my salary.

Favorite Memory:  I'd have to say my favorite memory is having the 1967 Speech Team win Del Norte's first State Championship and then go on to win Del Norte's first National Forensic League District Tournament.  Wham, a double header!  Janet Littrell, Pat Boatwright, Mike Plett in extemporaneous speaking, Clauida Jackson in Oratory, Chris Anison in Dramatic Interp, Marsha West in Debate, to name but a few on that great speech team.  At tournament after tournament that year, we emerged with the most trophies.  A great year of hurrahs and joy, sprinkled here and there with tears when some obviously incompetent judge "cheated" us from a first place trophy and we had to settle for a mere second or third.  And who can forget that Claudia Jackson won the V.F.W. "Voice of Democracy" that year.

And for the sheer fun of it I have to remember the speech team's fund-raising improvisational show in which among other crazy antics, Marsha West played Jane to my Tarzan as we exchanged such deathless dialogue as "you want another house?  What do you think, these houses grow on trees?"

Overall, the 1967 class was an intellectually sharp bunch of guys and gals.

Until June 28th,

Ron and Nora and Laura Oest